Saturday, January 4, 2014


I have had many jobs in my life. One year I filed 11 W-2’s! Most of those jobs were in the restaurant industry. They usually ended with me quitting, on the spot or with notice. A few times I was fired.  Today I was fired via email. My first thought was is this really happening in an email but the more I gave it some thought the more I realized that this was probably the best way for this to happen to me!

Saying I can be emotional is an understatement, especially for those who really know me. One of my goals for 2014 was to actively try and manage my emotions better.  It would be nice to not have so many emotional breakdowns as I get older and supposedly more mature. But some situations make it difficult for me to contain how I feel. Obviously being drunk is one but also being confronted with negativity face to face, such as when one is fired. I would have been fired yesterday but I was busy preparing for my other job and did not feel like cleaning the snow off my car, so I got my shift covered.  So that left my boss no choice but to send me an email explaining that I was let go instead of sending me next week’s schedule.

I am not upset I was fired. I wanted New Year Eve to be my last day so I would not owe any taxes for 2014. But I also needed the money so I decided to try and tough it out through the summer. So in some ways I got what I wanted, my last day was NYE.

But what would have happened had I been fired yesterday as was the plan? For one I would have been pissed because I would have just paid $15 to park my car for no reason. Not wanting to waste that money and being embarrassed and angry for being fired I would have ended up having a drink. After a few drinks I would become very emotional and at some point I could see myself, drunk, going back to the restaurant and letting everyone know just how I feel! For all we know I could of spent the night in jail!

So maybe that email was a gift from the universe sent to help me with those goals. I wanted to no longer work there in 2014 and I got my wish. I wanted to not have so many emotional breakdowns and I avoided what could have been a disaster. Thanks universe…2014 is off to a great start! 

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